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Philip Pullman Frankenstein Download Pdf [UPDATED]

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philip pullman frankenstein download pdf


victor frankenstein mary shelley has made victor frankenstein the central character of the novel. victor is a brilliant scientist who has created a creature out of fear. victor is the leader of the group of friends and he plays a huge part in leading them to their goal.

in 1815 mount tambora erupted in indonesia and huge amounts of ash were thrown into the atmosphere. the next year became known as the year without a summer because less sunlight reached the earth. this dark, gloomy year was when four friends came up with a challenge to write spooky stories to scare each other through the miserable summer. mary shelley was one of those friends, and she created frankenstein.

facts the main character, victor frankenstein, is one of the main reasons for the man vs. man conflicts in the novel. throughout the novel, he is trying to create his monster and sometimes he is willing to do anything to make it work. victor is quite arrogant and believes he is the most intelligent man in england and he thinks he knows everything. he is also extremely jealous of his old father and his life. victor is also very short tempered and keeps a large amount of anger inside of himself. he is willing to do any mean, insane thing to get his monster. victor and his father are not on the best of terms and victor has been teased and ridiculed by his father for not having any skills to go along with his intelligence. victor is also extremely selfish and believes he is the only person who deserves to be happy. he is willing to do anything, including killing his own best friend, to make his monster a reality.


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