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According to Article 35.16(a)(9), V.A.C.C.P., a juror may be excused for cause if "he has a bias or prejudice in favor of or against the defendant." The unequivocal belief by a venireman that a police officer would never lie while testifying has been found to constitute a bias against the defendant under Article 35.16(a) 8, now 9, supra. See Hernandez v. State, 563 S.W.2d 947 (Tex.Cr.App.1978). Otherwise, the trial court has discretion to determine whether or not bias or prejudice actually exists. See Anderson v. State, 633 S.W.2d 851, 854 (Tex.Cr.App.1982).

Joe Tex - I'll Never Do You Wrong

The testimony given by venireman Due is easily distinguishable from the cases of Hernandez and Shaver. Due never made any statement to the effect that he held a belief that police officers would never lie on the witness stand. In fact, when Due was questioned about police officer's testifying in their roles as law enforcement officers he stated that he would listen to what they had to say but would not tend to believe them simply because they were police officers. This is inapposite to the testimony given by the venireman in Hernandez. Nor does Shaver control since there is no indication in the entire voir dire examination which reveals such a blatant bias or prejudice against appellant. Additionally, there are no remarks in the record which come close to parallelling the remarks by the venireman in Shaver; nor is there any testimony by Due which indicates he would not be an impartial juror. During voir dire, Due was vehement in stating that testimony by a police officer would be weighed on equal footing with other witnesses and if a conflict in testimony arose, he would have to hear both conflicting stories as well as the reason for the conflict. For these reasons, neither Hernandez nor Shaver is controlling and appellant's argument is without merit.

What I find amazing is the amount of commentary, both supportive and not, that this fluff article has generated. The point, based on the headline, is buried in the third paragraph and can be summed up with this: transgendered people are still not accepted in the gay and lesbian community. This isn't news. The point is never directly stated and is not devloped beyond a few anecdotes. Not particularly good journalism in my opinion.

So, what are you saying: God speaks to you, thru you, what exactly? Because I'm sure there are a lot of people that would love to flock to you and listen to you distort, a book that is basically and collection of unconfirmed, hand-me down stories mostly directed and dictated by King James I of England (if you are into the King James Bible). And, so what if someone lives differently: does it change your beliefs, your daily routine, your bank account; exactly how does someone being LGBT disrupt your daily life so much that you are compelled to tell the world what is in "God's mind"? I'll never understand why people are so drawn to telling other people what they should believe, think, how to live, etc. Whatever and happened to Love thy Neighbor, to quote your beloved book?

For those who say that gays have no purpose... What if you considered that gays are "God's" (emphasis on the quotations) form of population control? Bring gay, I'm cool with that concept. For those who say gays are useless in the fact that they can't have children... Well that's when we come in to adopt all the kids that would otherwise be abused, neglected or aborted. You're welcome society. And lastly, to the more relevant topic... Transgender is such a new concept to me, and most people, that it's hard to understand and/or accept. I still have a hard time being comfortable around drag queens at the club. That being said, who am I to disagree with anyone else' lifestyle (chosen or otherwise)? Once the majorities and the minorities accept each other and their differences and move the f**k on, we're never going to progress as a civilization. That goes for believers and non-believers, the rich and the poor, the "different" and the "normal", and lastly, the ignorant and the educated.

As a 28 year old gay man who grew up in a religious/miitary household in germany with no gay influences, a butch father, nurturing mother, a sister and four brothers, being gay is a scary thing. No one wants to be gay. No one wants to hear their father talking about gays as if they were diseases; no one wants to hear their father threaten them with death if it's found that they're gay. No, being gay is not a choice-that is what the frightened, in-the-closet people want you to think. I knew since I was 5 that I was gay. And I prayed, and prayed, and hated myself, and prayed.....but you know what. Someone told me, a guy friend of mine, that there was nothing wrong with me and that I was who I was. If you've never known what it's like being gay then at least start with that. Admit that you don't understand and move from there-hating only makes you look, well, gay as well. I grew a thick skin too, growing up, and to this day I am proud and I am a great person with a promising career. The people on this board who take time to read stories about the LGBT community and STILL take time to post hate, should really dig deep inside and ask yourselves why you came here to post your hate? You people need to look inside and wonder what it is that you hate about yourselves so much that would cause you to be so vile. Oh and you best believe, God LOVES ME THROUGH AND THROUGH. Im bless every single day. Dear hateful Christians, Your hate has blinded you and led you astray from the teaching of God.

Why can't you offer anything other than one word insults? Your ignorance and lack of education are shining through by the post. The LGBT community has courage, strength, dignity, and resolve. You, on the other hand, should have never been born and offer nothing other than the type of blind hate that continues to hold society back.

Do people like you even realize how much you reveal about your own pathology with comments like that? It doesn't even touch the people you loathe so much... all it does is speak volumes about how much is wrong inside your own head.

I knew by the time I was 3 year old that I was a girl. Being raised on a farm, it was also obvious to me the differences between boys and girls. Yet, I KNEW I wa a girl. It would take another 45 years before I finally became whole. I did counseling, praying with pastors and Christian friends, and years and years of denial trying to be "the man God made me." Finally, I had to decide, "Are my children better off with a 'female father' or a 'dead dad'?" All four of them are very glad they have their female father. If you haven't traveled this path you will never understand.

Gay propaganda didn't call it an alturnative lifestyle, that is something made up by the right wings people. Just like everything else there is a time and a place. Since the 60's more and more have started getting fed up with theirs rights being trampled on. The "Ozzie and Harriet lifestyle" didn't fit the mold any more. More and more decided hiding in the closet and getting kicked on wasn't going to cut it. We actually got tired of the constant preaching to how wrong and how God condemns gays, when God didn't condemn gays, some fool writing thousands of years ago condemned gays. Along with Shellfish and Pork. But you people still eat that but it's suppose to be the same abomination.

Doesn't matter what man's opinion is.God's word the Holy Bible will judge all men some day.The Bible is a blockade between your soul and hell,you cannot go very far in the path of sin without the Bible standing in your way ,it is the greatest hindrance to sin in the world ,you can never get rid of its words,,,men have tried and its still stands,it will haunt you untill you find peace with God

Your logic is so faulty. Rather than saying to yourself, "My god wouldn't create a person like this. So this person must be wrong" you should conclude that perhaps there is no god, or that the god is different than what you imagine.

Hey Mississippi Man-Why are you so threatened by everybody who is different from you? Let me take a wild guess you are not only str8 but white too??? Well congrats on being born with such an awesome privilege. I certainly hope that you are doing something useful with your life instead of whining about something that in all actuality doesn't concern you... I am amazed at the amount of people that read these articles just so they can whine about how wrong it is. I for instance don't care about baseball so why would I waste my time reading about it? Just so I can tell people how much I don't like it? Get over yourselves your opinion is not needed.

This is not a religious issue, but rather a issue or what is right and what is wrong, what is moral and what is not but do not bring religion into it. You do not have to be christian, muslim, or a bhuddist to relize that this lifestyle is WRONG and geared toward quick self gratification, it is an empty and depraved lifestyle.

Being "trans" is something that most people simply cannot understand. I know I never did. It's such a foreign concept to think that a person can be in the "wrong" body and that it must be a mental problem or that people were hiding from other issues in their lives. Surely, most people think, it can't be a "real" issue.

I'm a cis female, but I found part of your comment rubbing me the wrong way. Especially since your son insists he (using your language) is a girl but you still use masculine pronouns and words like son. Have you talked to your child about what pronouns they would prefer: he/his/him, she/hers/her, ze/hir/hirs or another combination?

G Money- Shame on you for your misinformed, hateful views. I can only hope and pray that you are not, and will never be, a parent. People like you who are filled with such unjust hate and willful ignorance are a disgrace to our great country, and the human species for that matter. God bless the LGBT community as they fight for equality and work hard to prove themselves as that is, and has always been, the American way! Ignore people like G Money as they have nothing to offer society other than hate and division. 041b061a72


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