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Farm Bay: A Free Farming Game with Amazing Graphics and Features

Since Ardenwood is a working farm, the daily activities change from season to season so no two visits will be exactly alike. Visit our Naturalist Program page for more information and schedules before your next visit.

farm bay

Through Ardenwood's educational programs, visitors can see and participate in many activities common to a turn-of-last-century farm. Weekdays, naturalists provide programs for school classes and other groups by reservation. Please see our Educators Resources information here or call (510) 544-2797 for further information.

Share your enthusiasm for history! We're looking for people who want to learn to cook on a wood stove, demonstrate antique farm machinery, and teach historic crafts such as spinning, weaving, and toy making. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to help our staff create a welcoming atmosphere for schoolchildren and families. Our next docent training date is TBD. Call (510) 544-3285 or email for an application and details.

Prior to 20th century development, Bay Farm Island was farmland with asparagus being the principal crop,[2] thus it was also formerly known as Asparagus Island. In addition, the area was the site of large oyster beds which regularly supplied restaurants in nearby San Francisco.[3]

Mystery Bay Farm is a small scale, family farm operating on five acres on Marrowstone Island. We have been a WSDA certified Grade A Dairy since the spring of 2009. We produce farmstead, goat milk cheeses and yogurt for general sale. Farmstead means we make all of our cheeses and yogurt using only the milk of our animals. In addition to cheese and yogurt, we offer educational farm tours.We offer tours and classes as a way to educate and integrate the community into the farm. As career educators, we feel that there is a need to inform the greater public about where our food comes from and to provide a genuine experience for the growing number of people interested in artisan, non-industrial food production and farming. We came to farming via ecology. Our interest in trying to create a truly sustainable farming system grows from observation of natural systems from which the word 'sustainable: resilient, adaptable, evolving and thus stable', is derived. We believe that farming can be done in an ecologically, economically and socially responsible manner.

We milk 100% American Alpine dairy goats. They each have been raised on our farm and have names and distinct personalities (come visit and our 9 year old can tell you the line up!). We breed the adults in the fall, which gives us spring kids five months later. We milk between 20 and 25 goats each season.Since our goats 'are what they eat', we judiciously monitor their food. We practice intensive, rotational grazing which utilizes classic grass pasture with brush islands; this mix highlights the natural need for browse in a goat's diet and reduces the dependency on hay during the spring and summer months. In contrast to cows and sheep, goats browse, rather than graze, and cannot get all of their necessary nutrients from a grass-only pasture. When given a choice, goats will eat browse plants, such as blackberry, roses, trees, ivy etc., which are more suited to their digestive system. Grass is consumed, but in a more limited and picky manner. We have established a rotational browsing system that incorporates the established high-quality grass pasture with edges and islands of brush (the native Nootka Rose, hawthorn, blackberry etc.) that can sustain the majority of the goat's food needs for up to eight months of the year. We have begun planting more brush islands within the pastures which include edible fruit trees surrounded by native berries and brush to further diversify our browse, natural habitat and food production. In turn, they provide high quality milk with undertones of our maritime climate. We only substitute their varied pasture with local hay (which we cut during the peak of seasonal protein levels), seaweed and organic grain.

Spring is the perfect season to plant lavender, and if you're looking to add some beauty and fragrance to your garden, then this versatile plant is an excellent choice. Lavender plants are available to purchase at our farm and farmers market locations.

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Lavender by the Bay is a proud family owned and operated lavender farm. We take pride in the high-quality lavender grown on our farm and are happy to bring it to you to enjoy all of the many natural benefits of lavender.

The Chesapeake Farm & Bay to Table series provides a virtual excursion to Maryland farms, fisheries, and local businesses where the focus is on the abundance and variety of fare that is grown in the region's rich soil and caught off its shores in the Chesapeake Bay. Join your friends and neighbors from across the great state of Maryland for Chesapeake Farm & Bay to Table! This virtual series is produced by Harford County Public Library and Chef John Shields' Our Common Table, and shines a light on Maryland farms, fisheries, and local businesses. Each episode finishes with Chef John, Library CEO Mary, and a special guest cooking up a storm in the kitchen!

Investors should carefully consider investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. This and other important information is contained in the fund prospectuses and summary prospectuses which can be obtained by visiting the prospectus page on Read it carefully. AP2023/02/0243

Maple Bay Farm is an 11-acre property on the west side of U.S. 31 owned by GTRLC. It includes a farm house (fully renovated in 2019), root cellar, sugar shack and pole barn building. The farm property is used for demonstrations, community gardening, remote office space and much more. Check our events calendar for goings-on at this special place.

Eric and Annabel started farming in 2010 on a vacant lot in Lakewood, OH. Without a farming background, they followed the SPIN (small plot intensive) method to grow a lot of veggies in a small space. The lessons learned from this proof of concept helped them develop a business plan and model. In 2013, they moved to Cleveland and more than doubled their growing space with a large backyard. They now grow vegetables intensively on about acre.

We follow organic growing practices. This means we never spray our food or soil with man-made pesticides or herbicides. Instead, we promote biodiversity on the farm to attract beneficial organisms, practice crop rotation to reduce pest pressure, apply plant-based compost to balance soil nutrients, and reduce soil disturbance to maintain microbial life. When we encounter an issue, we use biological controls to prevent any crop losses. These controls include pest barriers like row covers, companion planting to attract beneficial insects, hand cultivation to reduce weed pressure, and simply paying attention to the health of the plants and the soil to ensure everything is in balance.

We grow diversified vegetables, herbs and flowers and primarily sell through our online store, which is usually open from May to November. We harvest to order to eliminate waste and get you the freshest produce. Delivery is available within a certain distance from the farm and pick up on the farm is also an option. To learn more, please visit our online store FAQ.

We are so fortunate to live in a area where we can receive fresh fruit and produce year round easily and abundantly. There are many farms that are open to the public for farm tours, U-Picks, and produce stands. Below are some of our favorites and be sure to check out our Farm Map to find a farm near you.

We visited The Urban Edge Farm recently and got some sunshine, fresh air, and enjoyed some fresh peaches picked from the tree. U-Pick orchards are open for various fruits throughout the year depending on availability. They also have a farm stand with organic fruit and veggies in addition to CSA boxes and an online shop.

Andreotti Family Farms is the only place in the state where you can cut your own sunflowers! They are a fourth generation family run farm in Half Moon Bay and sell only what they grow. In addition to flowers they also have a pumpkin patch in the fall and grow produce year round including kale, cabbage, beets, carrots, beans, and more! Definitely worth a trip and great fun for the whole family.

Love the smell of pine and got a hankering for a real Christmas tree? Ditch the paved asphalt lot for a real Christmas tree farm with plenty of charm and festive activities to really get you into the holiday spirit.

Experts in Aquaponics, Ouroboros Farms and Education Center is one of the largest commercial aquaponic farms in the U.S. We offer farm tours, aquaponics classes, produce and aquaponics supplies. We also host farm-to-table dinners and other events at our events center.

In consideration, therefore, for the privilege of visiting and/or engaging in any activities at the farms and operations known as Ouroboros Farms located at 12511 San Mateo Rd (Hwy 92), Half Moon Bay, California, 94019, the purchaser and all event attendees agree to hold harmless and indemnify Ouroboros Farms and its employees, and Pastorino Farms, and further release them from any liability or responsibility for accident, damage, injury, or illness to the purchaser and all event attendees at the above-mentioned location.

This sweet little farm is home to a variety of farm animals including cows, sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens and pigs. Several heritage breeds are preserved here, including Milking Shorthorn Cattle. The farm has been closed to the public during the pandemic, but is scheduled to reopen in late February 2021, just in time to see the newest and littlest members of the farm arrive. Advance reservations are required for all visitors.


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