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"Each participating agency submits baseline data and monthly updates that are used to create and modify achievable fitness and weight loss goals for the [participating] teens to help them decrease their body mass index," says Mark Lucas, executive director of USABA. To support the program, USABA and the WellPoint Foundation provide talking pedometers as well as fitness and nutrition coaches for each agency. "The WellPoint Foundation is committed to helping children and adults have active lives and avoid the health risks associated with sedentary lifestyles and obesity," says Mike Walsh, president and general manager of WellPoint's Specialty Business. "We believe no one should ever be denied the right to enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of exercise, and we are proud to partner with the USABA to ensure that vision impairments do not limit the recreational opportunities afforded to teenagers across the country."

Holdem Manager Cloud For Mac

Lastly, and probably most importantly, we'll explore how IOS devices along with the appropriate cloud based applications enable vision impaired and sighted users the ability to share information and collaborate with one another in real-time.


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