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Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One (Official Video)

The video stars Dianna Agron, or Quinn from Glee, as a victim of infidelity who is completely distraught. The culprit who's sabotaging the relationship is also another familiar face: It's Chris Messina of The Mindy Project, but he's a despicable guy here. Agron, a sad, lonely, Stepford Wife type character, bawls her eyes out with the knowledge that Messina's character is cheating on her, and then takes to smoking, drinking excessively, and burning his clothes. Shots of Messina's character caught in the act with another woman only adds to the sting. By the end of the video, Messina's character has come home, and you know that even though they appear to have reconciled, Agron's character will be in tears once again in the very near future.

Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One (Official Video)

Well, i cant help myself from getting emotional by watching the music video of this song :("I'm Not The Only One"You and me, we made a vowFor better or for worseI can't believe you let me downBut the proof's in the way it hurtsFor months on end I've had my doubtsDenying every tearI wish this would be over nowBut I know that I still need you here[Chorus:]You say I'm crazy'Cause you don't think I know what you've doneBut when you call me babyI know I'm not the only oneYou've been so unavailableNow sadly I know whyYour heart is unobtainableEven though Lord knows you kept mine[Chorus:]You say I'm crazy'Cause you don't think I know what you've doneBut when you call me babyI know I'm not the only oneI have loved you for many yearsMaybe I am just not enoughYou've made me realize my deepest fearBy lying and tearing us up

How could no one figure this out. The song is about 2 people doing the same thing. Although the video only shows him having an affair, she has done the same. Believe it or not, cheaters are hurt when they find out that they are being cheated on too. Human emotions are crazy like that. And for anyone who's been in love would fully know that your unethical, immoral, careless, and hurting actions such as cheating only make sense when you're doing the cheating; and once you've done it, you expect your other have to forgive you, move on, and not do it to you, crazy, but nothing about love makes sense. That's why people fall out of it every second of the day. Marvin 937-624-2251 041b061a72


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