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Buy Custom Ikea Cabinet Doors

We offer numerous styles and collections. We have painted wood doors (collections: The Minimalist, Slab Door, Modern White Paint), real wood (collections: The Woodsman, Panel Door, Plain Sawn Walnut, Natural Finish), the standard (Slab Door, Rift White Oak or CVG Fir, Natural Finish), the craftsman (Panel Door, Clear Vertical Grain Fir, Natural Finish), textured laminate (The Slabtown, Slab Door, Textured Laminate), and townsend (the newest from Kokeena, the Townsend Home Collection features an organic selection of nature-inspired neutrals. A curated collection of blue and green hues and their go-to color staples for kitchen cabinetry).

buy custom ikea cabinet doors

BOXI is the first and only American-built cabinet system for every room in the house that can be ordered from the comfort of your sofa. With BOXI, you can fulfill your renovation dreams without the high cost of custom millwork (and never visit a Big Box store in the process)!

BOXI cabinets are built in the Pacific Northwest with parts supplied by the best manufacturers in the US and abroad. Customers should feel good knowing that BOXI doors are made from discarded plastic bottles, or PET, which is a durable surface film that is 100% recyclable.

We provide custom cabinet doors for cabinet refacing and IKEA cabinets. We manufacture made-to-order painted cabinet doors, drawer faces, cover panels & trim, dovetail drawer boxes and floating shelves, and provide hinges and drawer glides. We do not at this time make full cabinet boxes. All of our products are 100% custom made and are ready to install on existing cabinets, or substitute into your install in place of IKEA fronts.

We specialize in painted cabinet doors and offer 16 door styles in 14 designer-curated colors. For the ever-popular shaker cabinet doors, we offer 10 variations of the timeless shaker to suit every design taste from ultra-modern to traditional and provide a space that looks and feels completely custom.

All of our products are CARB2 compliant, made from MDF which is a recycled wood product. Cabinet refacing inherently enables sustainability by keeping your existing cabinet boxes and just replacing the doors and drawer faces, so the process reduces waste from home improvements.

We got a quote for semi-custom cabinets for the kitchen and were able to do all the cabinets in the kitchen, bar, laundry room and 4 bathrooms for less than the quote for just the semi-custom kitchen.

We are in the Toronto area. Three years ago, we wanted some walnut doors for a few of our Ikea cabinets. We checked out the official cab door making companies like Semihandmade and others, but ended up asking a local cabinet maker to make them for us. He agreed, the doors were perfect and nowhere near as expensive. Just maybe an option to consider.

We design and build custom doors, drawer fronts, and panels for IKEA cabinets in any style you can imagine. Sektion, Akurum, Besta, Pax or Godmorgan, you name it we can customize it. Very affordable & very easy to install.

We simply offer the best Designer curated selection of custom laminate, veneer, acrylic, painted, and aluminum frame doors, drawer fronts, and panels. For our more hands-on clients we make an unfinished DIY Slab and DIY Shaker door.

Semihandmade: Perhaps the best-known option for customizing IKEA cabinet systems (Karlie Kloss used them in her Kode With Klossy office), Semihandmade offers American-crafted cabinet doors in melamine, wood veneer, thermafoil, and the like. Styles are abundant, too: Shaker, slab, beaded, even reclaimed wood grains, and its most recent collaboration with Sarah Sherman Samuel is a modern take on beadboard. No matter what style you choose, a serious perk of this company is that its cabinet doors ship in just one week. Ships to US and lower Canadian provinces.

Norse Interiors: A newcomer to the Scandinavian-inspired IKEA front game, Norse makes doors, sides, tops, and accessories to trick out freestanding storage cabinets and TV stands in the Besta line. Colors are minimal and subdued while designs get a bit geometric. Ships to U.S. only.

We are an L.A.-based woodshop run by skilled woodworkers and home design professionals. We believe that everyone, regardless of budget, can enjoy the look of custom, hand-crafted cabinetry inside every room of their home.

At Kokeena, we think IKEA's cabinet systems are genius. So we're making it easy for you to use IKEA's cabinet systems with a better selection of well designed, high quality doors made to fit perfectly in place of IKEA's doors, drawer fronts, and panels. IKEA Cabinets + Kokeena Doors = Custom Cabinets @ Smart Price!

We love IKEA and the modern approach they bring to delivering affordable, modern kitchens. For those that are wanting something less expensive than our custom framed or frameless boxes, IKEA boxes make a great alternative. A lot of our customers choose to buy IKEA boxes and then buy CabinetNow cabinet doors to achieve a cost-effective, and high quality kitchen design.

When you're all done, make sure to save a PDF and send it to us, this will include all the door sizes that you'll need as well as the IKEA parts that you'll need to purchase. Make sure to include your cabinet dimensions AND doors in these plans, even if they don't have the finish you plan on using. This will help us ensure that you get the right doors in the right dimensions.

Now that you've designed your dream kitchen, it's time to find your CabinetNow cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Choose from a wide selection of unfinished wood, laminate, textured melamine, primed, gloss and painted doors. Most customers using IKEA boxes want a modern veneer or laminate door, often times in a slab style. Choose from a wide selection of laminate finishes in our Cabinet Doors for Ikea Cabinets category. To get pricing you'll need your kitchen plan from the free IKEA Kitchen Planner tool. If you're having a hard time putting together a cart, just let us know! Our reps are happy to build a cart for you from your IKEA design, and we often do this within the same business day!

Once your kitchen is designed, and you've chosen your CabinetNow cabinet doors and drawer fronts, it's time to make the purchase! If we sent you a cart, just click on the link we sent and checkout! Our payment process is simple and easy, and 100% secure. Download our handy Order Preparation Tool for Excel or as a PDF.

Based in Los Angeles, Semihandmade is a sister company to Handmade, which makes fine furniture and cabinetry. Semihandmade offers this craftsmanship at a lower price and makes doors and drawer fronts crafted to fit IKEA cabinets exactly. I worked with the Semihandmade owner John McDonald to plan out and order drawer fronts, doors, side panels, and filler pieces for my IKEA kitchen plan. I sent him the IKEA kitchen plan I made and he gave me a list and a quote of everything the kitchen needed.

Using Semihandmade was probably the single best decision we made through our entire kitchen renovation process. The cost was radically lower than custom cabinetry but it still gave me the modern luxe look I wanted.

Some Ikea kitchen DIYers have complained that the melamine-fronted doors get dinged and chipped much sooner than expected. To avoid your drawers and cabinet doors from eventually looking shabby, one DIYer suggests installing all the base cabinetry from Ikea but instead getting all-wood cabinet doors and drawer fronts from a custom cabinetry store.

Everyone loves the ease and affordability of the Swedish icon's products, but personalizing your furniture can be confusing and time-consuming. From cabinet doors in pastel hues to stylish drawer handles and wardrobe legs, meet the companies that are making the customization of your new and used IKEA furniture simple and enjoyable.

Semihandmade makes custom, colorful doors to fit the cabinet bases of IKEA's kitchen systems, closets, and bathrooms. All standard doors and drawer faces are pre-drilled to function with IKEA's internal hardware, which can help save you money on a full kitchen upgrade.

Ikea cabinets are a standard depth and height, with the only thing that varies in the different sizes being the base and the back. The top is open with only a metal brace. Therefore, in order to customize the width of an Ikea cabinet all you really have to do is modify the base and the back.

Roberts sourced her cabinet frames, appliances, and installation help all from IKEA, totaling about $7,000. For a more bespoke look, she added cabinet doors, plinths, and fillers from Superfront, a retailer that is all about zhuzhing up IKEA kitchen cabinets. This added another $4,200 or so to her remodel cost. If Roberts had stuck to only IKEA products, she estimates that she could have saved roughly $2,800 and kept her grand total to about $8,300.

IKEA cabinets are some of the most popular and cost-effective options when it comes to home storage solutions. However, over time IKEA cabinet doors can become damaged or outdated, requiring replacement. This is especially true if the cabinet is located in a high-traffic area, like the bathroom or pantry.

Fast Cabinet Doors offers a variety of door replacements for your IKEA cabinets. Do you need to replace your old IKEA kitchen cabinets? Or do you just want to upgrade some IKEA bathroom cabinets or pantry cabinet doors? We can help you!

Are you considering changing the color or material? What about adding paned glass or additional storage shelves? Fast Cabinet Doors makes it easy to customize and replace your IKEA cabinets with quality replacement doors.

IKEA cabinets are a popular choice for many homeowners looking to remodel their kitchen, bathroom, or pantry. As IKEA furniture gets older, the cabinet doors may start to show signs of wear and tear needing replacement. 041b061a72


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