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Best Buy Computer Section 'LINK'

But some customers who may walk into your store may be intimidated by prices and or specs. At least group your desktops into sections, one for Gaming, One for Basics , One section for business use , etc.

best buy computer section

Have it so people can look through a booklet or catalog at the geeksquad counter and then pick out their components, the geeksquad person will put the components into each category of the computer (make it so they can't place the order without all the parts because I would be very upset if I forgot to add RAM or a hard drive to my pc and Best Buy didn't warn me about not picking one out from the catalog, but if they honestly do not want a part or if they say "I have my own whatever" then tell them that they will build it and that the customer can put the part in there themselves or Best Buy can take your part and add it to the PC at no extra charge)

And you will have so many customer pc builder people just coming to Best Buy for their computer stuff. To be honest, I do not shop at Best Buy for computer parts because Best Buy doesn't have all of the components I need and sometimes the components are too expensive ($30 for 1 GB of RAM? Come on). But if Best Buy had RAM for $10 per GB which is the usual rule of thumb when it comes to pricing RAM, then I would totally go to Best Buy instead.

I would be a fan of having Best Buy allowing customers to custom build computers. Unfortunately, I end up buying my desktops and lapotops from online stores (like DELL, HP, Velocity Micro, etc.) because I can't find a high-performance machine with everything I need in Best Buy stores.

3. Once Best Buy recieves the order for a custom computer, it would be sent to HP, Acer, DELL, Samsung, etc. That brand could build the machine and either ship it directly to the customer or to a Best Buy store for customer pick-up.

-I don't know if such an idea would be economically feasable for Best Buy and the computer manufactures, but it would be nice to be able to try out a base model computer in-store and then order a customized computer through Best Buy.

For the umpteenth time, NO. First off, Best Buy making desktops and laptops would ruin their relationship with the OEMs in today's market. Second, Geek Squad does not have the expertise or resources to bring custom-made desktops or laptops to Best Buy stores. I know this because I have been an employee and know that Best Buy does not give Geek Squad the resources it needs to be what they want it to be. Most of the "precincts" are what was once storage for customer service and there is not enough room to put together anything in that environment. There's barely enough room to have a few computers side-by-side for repair. Third, Best Buy did offer customized brand-name laptops and desktops that could be ordered at a kiosk in the computer section but customer interest in those was minimal, which is why the offerings were discontinued. Most consumers don't need a customized machine with specific hardware and those that do simply go elsewhere. Best Buy does not need to get back into that market. What they need to do is offer competitive pricing on upgrades that they can perform in store like HDDs, SSDs, and RAM for laptops and desktops.

Unless I miss my guess, there's not a large demand for desktop computers these days...let alone profit in them. So, I think this is a bad idea...getting in behind the curve. I don't see customers wanting to build their own iPads or you? Not enough profit, margin or demand. Sorry.

Things were busy at Best Buy, too. Our tech experts recommended that customers should get a computer tune-up to ensure everything was updated and ready to handle the issue. At one point, there was a backlog of almost two months.

While the night was uneventful for many, that was thanks largely to the massive worldwide undertaking that went into updating computer and networking systems, large and small, in the months leading up to it. And experts say the growth in internet-ready systems at organizations and the boost to software companies at helped spur much of the current boom in tech.

Another document records a $500 payment from the FBI to a confidential Geek Squad informant. This appears to be one of the same payments at issue in the prosecution of Mark Rettenmaier, the California doctor who was charged with possession of child pornography after Best Buy sent his computer to the Kentucky Geek Squad repair facility.

The FBI agent would show up, review the images or video and determine whether they believe they are illegal content. After that, they would seize the hard drive or computer and send it to another FBI field office near where the owner of the device lived. Agents at that local FBI office would then investigate further, and in some cases try to obtain a warrant to search the device.

Totally unrelated, we are in the aftermath of hurricane Ian and someone called from Comcast/Xfinity, remotely got into my computer - got suspicious and called Comcast. Advised what happened. The man I spoke with did not give me a yes or no as to whether the caller was legit. DON'T TRUST ANYONE IS NOW MY MOTO!

The address is a website where you can report fraud. When you see that in our blogs, click on the link and it will take you to the website where you can report. Or type in the search bar of your computer and to the website. Thank you for reporting the scam attempts you see.

Many people automatically think of computers, televisions and sound systems when they think of shopping at Best Buy, but the electronics superstore actually offers much more. While you can certainly get all that merchandise online or at one of their nearly 1,000 stores, you can also find items like kitchen appliances and cell phones. Best Buy provides plenty of opportunities to save. Browse their sale section, and get perks for subscribing to their newsletter or a student discount if you're enrolled at a college or university. Get all your tech needs at affordable prices when you shop at Best Buy.

How do I use my Best Buy coupon? To redeem your Best Buy promo code, you'll need to copy it to your clipboard first by clicking on the coupon text, then head on to Best Buy's website and add products to your shopping cart. When ready to check out, proceed to the Order Summary page and fill out the contact information. Find the allocated promo code box in the Payment Information section and paste the Best Buy promo code into said box.

Does Best Buy have a clearance section? You can find a Clearance section under Best Buy's Deals page. Browse hundreds of top-quality brand names and deals, such as 30% on select refurbished screens and gaming consoles and $150 off on the most innovative line of refrigerators, microwaves, washers and dryers.

You are viewing current coupons and discount promotions for April 2023. For more about BestBuy visit BestBuy Wikipedia page, and for its current promotions connect with them on Twitter @BestBuy, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram

Contact charitable organizations e.g. or to donate computers and electronic equipment before disposing of e-waste with a local e-waste recycler. Business and governmental e-waste is banned from disposal on Oahu. Local businesses or commercial entities may contact the State Department of Health - Solid and Hazardous Waste Branch for more information, or refer to an e-waste recycler (eCycler) listed below:

Drop off rechargeable (non-lead acid) stand-alone batteries (from cell phones, laptop computers, and power tools etc.) at Battery Bill's. Home Depot accepts rechargeable batteries from power tools.

The FTC reports that this is a scam, and if you dial the number, thieves will likely ask for remote access to your computer so they can steal your banking information and drain the money from your accounts.

The doctor, Mark Rettenmaier, agreed to have his computer searched for lost photos. Rettenmaier's computer was sent to the central repair facility in Kentucky where a technician discovered a thumbnail of a young girl on her knees wearing a choker-type collar in the "unallocated space" on the computer's hard drive. A warrant was written to search the doctor's personal computer and phone for additional photos.

An FBI search warrant turned up hundreds of pornographic photos on the doctor's personal computer and iPhone but a judge later ruled that the original photo was not enough to be considered child pornography. The judge suppressed all evidence recovered from the doctor's home and the case was dismissed last year.

The EFF says the FBI has refused to confirm or deny whether they have similar relationships with other businesses or computer repair facilities despite their FOIA request. The organization says it will challenge the FBI's "stonewalling" in court later this year.

Before becoming an analyst in 2020, I spent eight years as a reporter covering consumer tech news. Prior to joining PCMag, I was a reporter for SC Magazine, focusing on hackers and computer security. I earned a BS in journalism from West Virginia University, and started my career writing for newspapers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. 041b061a72


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